Here's A Breakdown Of How The Market Did This Week...

"Stock Funds when the Trend is UP, G Fund when the Trend is DOWN"

Sunday Update: 18 February 2018

The wild ride continues but in the Up direction this week!  In last weekend's Sunday Update we started out with a 20 year chart of the C fund and pulled the perspective to a 6 month view.  This week it's all about the 6 month perspective for all 3 stock funds.  Where...

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Sunday Update: 11 February 2018

Wow!  The past 2 weeks have been quite a ride!  We went from years of very low volatility (dramatic market swings) to 2 weeks of HUGE market swings on a daily basis.  The thing about this that makes people nervous is that it seemingly came out of nowhere.  If you've...

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Sunday Update: 04 February 2018

Wednesday ended the best January for the stock market since 2013!  Unfortunately, a much different picture was emerging by Friday.  At the close on Wednesday the S&P500 (C fund) was off its high, but still up 5.6% for the month.  By the close on Friday, over 2% of...

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Sunday Update: 28 January 2018

It's another weekly recap and another week of records for the TSP stock funds!  Seemingly nothing can slow this market down.  Since the beginning of 2018 the C fund, which has been out performing the S and I funds, is up 7.5%.  IF there is in fact such a thing as the...

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Sunday Update: 21 January 2018

We are 13 trading days into 2018.  So far all 3 stock funds are up as follows: C fund +5.1%, S +4.11%, I +5.4%.  That's HUGE!  There really isn't too much to discuss in terms of moving money between TSP funds.  If you're not in the stock funds, you're behind...  In...

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Sunday Update: 14 January 2018

We're 2 weeks into the new year and the TSP stock funds are Crushing It!  There's really not that much to discuss in terms of moving money between the TSP funds.  The stock funds are the place to be - until they're not...  I'm posting the 6 month daily charts of the...

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Sunday Update: 7 January 2018

What a first week of 2018!  All 3 TSP stock funds started the year with a bang!  I have no doubt that this will be a very exciting year...  We will inevitably see a pretty substantial decline at some point in 2018.  The decline should be relatively painful in the...

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Sunday Update: 31 December 2017

Happy New Year Everyone! As we end 2017, let’s take a look back and see how we did. Then, let’s look ahead into 2018 and talk thru the possibilities…  Results for 2017 are not yet available at  Below are approximate: C Fund: + 19.4% S Fund: + 16.5% I Fund: +...

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Sunday Update: 24 December 2017

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Everyone!   As I explained in the Newsletter (which you hopefully read before linking to this post) we have reviewed your feedback and are making improvements to  My goal for this site is to provide the...

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Sunday Update: 17 December 2017

The Santa Clause Rally is in full swing but, how much longer can it last?? We've talked about the Elliot Wave Theory many times over the past few months.  This 5 step wave pattern is great for helping to determine where we are within the market cycle on different time...

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Sunday Update: 10 December 2017

The market keeps charging along with the C fund closing at new all time highs for the week!  The long term (2 year weekly) charts of all 3 stock funds continue to look very strong.  The short term may be seeing some early cracks.  See below..   Short Term It was a...

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Sunday Update: 03 December 2017

Forest and the Trees It was a very exciting week for the TSP stock funds!  Tuesday's big price move was a confirmation of the current rally.  The market rolled higher all week until we saw a bit of a shock on Friday following General Flynn's guilty plea.  Daily events...

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