Here's A Breakdown Of How The Market Did This Week...

"Stock Funds when the Trend is UP, G Fund when the Trend is DOWN"

Sunday Update: 19 November 2017

It was a relatively uneventful week for the TSP funds, with one notable exception.  The I fund crossed a line that COULD be the beginning of a long term trend change.  More on that later in the post.  The C and I funds drifted lower for the week while the S fund...

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Sunday Update: 12 November 2017

Happy Birthday to all my Marine friends and Happy Veterans Day to all of us who have served in the armed forces!  I'm thankful to play my part and provide some peace of mind in retirement to Military Service Members, Veterans, Government Employees and Retirees.  ...

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Sunday Update: 05 November 2017

Hey folks.  There isn't too much to report this week as the market continues its push higher.  As we've been talking about for the past several months, we're in the 5th leg up in a rally that began back in 2009.  There is no way to know how high this market can go...

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Sunday Update: 29 October 2017

This week will likely be viewed in hindsight as a pivotal week for this rally.  Volatility has returned along with some bigger price swings.  Some VERY strong earnings numbers came out Thursday night for Google, Amazon, Intel and Microsoft.  This led to a huge day for...

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Sunday Update: 22 October 2017

The market continues to tick higher and, in the short term, it looks like there is no end in sight!  According to my count, the market is likely to move higher in the short run...  However, if we take a step back and get a wider perspective, the risk becomes pretty...

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Sunday Update: 15 October 2017

The stock funds edged a bit higher this week but, it looks like they're running out of steam.  The stock funds are overdue for a correction before heading higher into 2018.  The near term top may not be in just yet but, the risk/reward ratio is getting very high.  If...

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Sunday Update: 08 October 2017

It was a very big week for the TSP stock funds!  Both the C and S funds pushed higher while the I fund has been consolidating for the past few weeks.  In the short run, the S&P500 (C fund) ended the week right at the upper channel line (see the chart below).  This...

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Sunday Update: 01 October 2017

September is in the record books along with the quarter.  The S&P500 (C fund) rose for the 8th consecutive quarter!  The last time this happened was 20 yrs ago.  There's a lot of optimism in the financial news.  Stock markets around the world are strong and the...

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Sunday Update: 24 September 2017

It was a very low volatility week for the TSP stock funds.  Strangely quiet as the S&P500 (C Fund) slowly rolled over to make a short weekly reversal pattern.  I'm trying to find a reason to be invested in this market and I can come up with only one.  Despite...

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Sunday Update: 17 September 2017

I started off last week's post talking about the importance of a trading method and having a plan for when the market does not go in the direction you expected.  The timing couldn't have been better...  Clearly the market did not go as I expected so, what's my plan...

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Sunday Update: 10 September 2017

While last week it was tough to sit on the sidelines as prices climbed, this week the G fund was the place to be as stock fund prices declined.   TSP is not a day trading platform.  Stressing over daily gains or losses in your TSP account will drive you to make...

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Sunday Update: 03 September 2017

It was tough to sit on the sidelines and watch the market rally this week but, 1 week does not make a trend and some very smart people see lots of risk in the market right now.  Take a look at this article by Sue Cheng of Market Watch.  She lays out a great history of...

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