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"You can't win the game, if you aren't playing"

Rebuttal To Federal News Radio Article

An email dropped in my in-box tonight from Mike Causey at  The title of the post was, "Timing the stock market: Did you predict Monday's crash?".  Click the link to read the post.   First off, members of received an...

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Why 50% C Fund / 50% G Fund Last Monday?

Over the past week I've fielded a ton of questions regarding the wild price swings of the TSP stock funds.  The 2 most common have been: How did I know to move to the G fund last Monday? Why only 50% rather than 100% to G fund? Sunday 28 January the financial news...

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If The Sky Is Falling, Where is the Floor??

If we thought last week was bad for the stock market, this week is starting off much worse! The Dow fell almost 1200 points today. That’s the single largest one-day point decline in stock market history! If you're in the TSP stock funds, all of the gains we saw in...

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Changes Coming To TSP

In the midst of all the musical chairs at the White House and wrangling over healthcare on the Hill, a piece of legislation has been introduced that will be a big plus for Federal retirees.    The TSP Modernization Act of 2017 (H.R.3031 in the House and S.873 in the...

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The L Funds: Why They Don’t Work

The “Lifecycle Funds” (L Funds) are one of the investment options available to you as a Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) account holders. The funds are based on the time frame in which you are planning to retire. There are currently 5 L fund options available including...

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Analysis of stock charts can be used in all kinds of ways and there are lots of tools in the toolbox. I have my favorites, and I mostly use them to manage the short-term risk of being in the stock funds vs. the G fund. This keeps me sort of watching the trees.   Every...

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Everyone is Seeing The Top!

The more I read about "this is the top", the less convinced I am. If everybody sees it coming, it doesn't. Having said that, it pays to be very alert. This is a great article that gives some historical perspective..  Enjoy!...

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TSP Management Is Becoming Critical

Federal employees have long enjoyed the benefit of a 3 tiered retirement system including a Defined Benefit (Pension), Defined Contribution (TSP), and Social Security.  Over the past 10+ years, there has been a lot of talk (and some action) in managing expectations...

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TSP Basics

When you were first brought on to the federal workforce, one of the myriad of in-processing tasks was to sign up for the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP). If you were lucky, a retirement benefits counselor was on hand to assist you, provide some basic info, refer you to...

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